If you don’t use your property too many times in a year and if you like to rent out to have extra income for your holidays expenses we will help you out for your rentals. In order to give you a proper service we should sign a contract as a service provider. We would be pleased to give you any more information while you are in Alanya by visiting your premises

Title Deed & Move-in Permission

It’s not easy for you to know all the laws and regulations regarding real estate in Turkey. So that we can help you with any problem related title deed or real estate matters. If you haven’t received your title deed we can find out the reasons and evaluate your situation in order to finalize your problem. If you are having such a problem please give us a call to find out more detailed information.

Resident’s Permit

If you like to stay in Turkey more than 6 months you should follow the right procedure. While you are on holiday we can follow up your resident permit application or any related help.

Car Rental

If you like to hire a car during your holiday our experienced personnel will help you to find the right car with right price for you.

İnternet IP Tv

You like to watch your native country’s tv channels at your home and to do that you need internet service. We can help you to provide that service to you at your convenience.


We give laundry service as well. All you need to do is to visit our web site and contact us about your laundry service requirement.