Tecnical Service and Renovation

Technical Service

You are always welcome to give us a call 7/24 for any problems at your home you may have
  • You can contact us if you need locksmith service. We make sure to forward a locksmith to you asap.
  • If you have a problem with your pluming system or waters tap please give us a call. We will forward our service to you right away.
  • If you are having a problem with your sinks or drainage system please give us a call immediately
  • If you are having difficulties with your doors or windows we will be there right away
  • Are you having problem with your electric? Your electric buttons are not working or your lamps to be changed? We are here to serve you
  • If you are having problem with your air conditioners we will send over our service staff asap
  • If you are having problem with your water heater we will be there for you
  • If you need cctv in your property or having problem with the one you already have.
  • Are you having problem with your internet provider or IP TV?
  • Your shower cabinet is leaking or shower equipment is not working properly …
  • If your ceramic tiles in bathroom need replacement or needs more fillings …
  • If your shutters or mosquito nets are not working properly or your curtains needs to be replaced or fixed …
  • If you need any kind of insulation at your windows doors or your balcony …
  • If you need painting or renovation on your walls

Any kind of services mentioned above please do not hesitate to give us a call.


    Sometimes you would like to make new changes in your life including with your holiday home. We are here for you to help you out in order to make your holiday home more beautiful as per your requests.

    We would be happy to help you out with our experienced architect and make your renovations at its best.

  • Repainting your property and making alterations if needed
  • To make your kitchen bigger or adding more cabinets
  • If you like to make changes with your bathrooms including bathtub and tiles
  • To repair or change windows and or doors
  • To make you floor in a different way of look with new tiles or laminated
  • To change your water tap and sinks in your bathroom or kitchen

For all those kind of services and renovations we are here to help you. With our professional staff members we make sure to give you best and smooth service while you are here or away at your home country.